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Quantum Wall Lamp Modular Sensitive Touch

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Emitting Color

Tired of boring lamps? This modular touch-sensing wall lamp will make you enjoy way more your chill time at home. Slide the wall and illuminate the touch path for a fascinating tactile experience. Be creative and alternative in your lighting!


  • Use each hexagonal disk to create any structure you like. Turn it on and off by touching it
  • Customize the lighting levels to create the right atmosphere by illuminating the multiple tiles you need
  • Each lamp can be independently controlled 
  • Made of ABS Output voltage (24V 2A with 2W of single lamp power)
  • Material: ABS Output voltage: 24V 2A Single lamp power: 2W

How to use it:

  • The sensor will detect the user's operation and execute the corresponding light on or off mode only by lightly touching the module to be lit